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Day: April 26, 2016

12 Incredibly Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids!
12 Incredibly Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids!

12 Incredibly Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids!
By: Thomas Enyart

After a long a grueling winter where the children have been locked inside with “nothing to do”, it is now time for both Children and Parents to Rejoice! SPRING & SUMMER are finally here! Now the children can go outside and play and parents can go to the bathroom without kids interrupting them! To help this process we have compiled a list of 12 Incredibly Fun Outdoor Activities!

#1. Water Balloon Toss

Fill up balloons with water. Stand about a foot apart from a partner. Toss the balloon. After each successful toss, one partner takes a step back. Game stops when only one team has not popped their balloon


#2. Obstacle Course

Create your own Amazing Obstacle Course. Be sure to include things to climb over, crawl under, and even jump across! If you have pool noodles you can use these to make a lot of great obstacles.


#3. Go to the Park!

Just about every community has a Park that your kids will go crazy over. You don’t have to spend all day there but taking an hour out of the day to have a latte and watch you kids enjoy the slides is a pretty great way to spend some free time.


#4. Go for a Bike Ride

Little known fact… Kids Love to Ride their Bikes! Give them some time and space and they will have a blast. Better yet, go with them! This is a great way to get a work out in and still have some fun with the kids. Just be sure to keep an eye out for cars.


#5. Visit the Zoo

Lions, Tigers, and Bears…Oh YES! Zoo’s are a blast for the whole family and is a great way to spend the day. Lots of families avoid the zoo since it can be a tad expensive. Most offer a “Season Pass” though that can get you in all year long for a fraction of the cost.


#6. Plant a Garden

Teach you kids to live off the land by helping them grow their own garden. Let them try some of their favorites and maybe some they don’t even know they like yet (Squash!). No matter what you kids will have fun digging in the dirt and learning about how plants grow.


#7. Water Fight

Super Soakers and Water Grenades are an instant hit! Surprise and Ambush your kids while they are out side and create an all out Water War. They will have a great time and so will you. Who doesn’t love to let loose and have some fun. Plus the water will cool them (and you) off from the summer heat!


#8. Go Swimming

Speaking of Water… The summer can’t be complete unless you go Swimming! Lake, Ocean, or Pool it doesn’t matter. Take the kids out and watch them dive for toys, learn to knee board, or snorkel for the first time. Swimming is a great way to cool off and burn some energy. Also as a bonus, you kids will sleep great that night! (Be sure to bring Sun Block)


#9. Read!!!

To some people reading is almost strictly and indoor activity, but I promise you that kids Love to Read Outside! Give them a book and have them find a nice sunny spot to lay down and they will read for hours! There is very little in this world that is as relaxing as reading outdoors on a nice day.


#10. Fly a Kite (Or a Drone!)

Prefer to stay out of the water? Then how about you look to they Sky?!? The Spring and Summer is a great time to learn how to fly a kite or even a new Drone! Robotic helicopters etc… are all the rage and have went way down in pricing so almost anyone can afford it. Just be careful on the landings!


#11. Sports!

It may be hot outside but that will not slow your kids down. Give them a Soccer Ball, Basketball, or Football and they will make a day out of it. Try to help them organize the “Big Game” and get the neighbors (Kids and Parents) to all participate!


#12. Just Be Together...

Honestly, at the end of the day nothing is more important than spending time with your kids. It doesn’t matter what you are doing as long as you are doing it together. Kids are amazing in the fact that they can have a crazy amount of fun doing some of the most boring things… as long as their parents are there with them.