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Month: May 2016

Tips for Parents: Why Legos is the Best Toy Option for Your Kids
Tips for Parents: Why Legos is the Best Toy Option for Your Kids
Why Legos is the Best Toy Option for Your Kids
By: Thomas Enyart


Being a parent has enough pressures. You are constantly faced with decisions that often require some serious consideration and contemplation. Where will your kids go to school? Will they get a good education? How will you pay for that good education? What should they eat? What should they watch?….You get it. The list goes on and on.

 Well, toys are no different. There are a variety to choose from and quite a few that can be extremely beneficial for the development of your children. Among that list, one of our favorites is Legos. Invented in 1932, this toy has journeyed through generations, never disappointing the children that played with it. Today, the Legos company has expanded to includes building blocks of all sizes, shapes, and themes. Not only is this toy enjoyable for children of various ages and skill levels, but research suggests that Legos are a great choice for parents who are looking for a toy that can benefit their children’s minds and development.


 One of the greatest and most easily recognizable benefits of Legos is its capacity to appeal to the creative side of a child. Playing with Legos, utilizing the varied shapes, sizes, and colors can spark a substantial amount of creativity within a child unlike many other toys. And easily so. The child, who sees only the fun that it facilitates, is encouraged to build and create a number of structures that can lead to refined creative skills even at an early age. This is especially important during developmental years, when a child is taking in every single thing around them and subconsciously allowing that to influence them.


 Not only is this activity a creative one, but educational as well. How, you might ask? Legos are a prime example of mechanics. Especially considering the themed Lego kits that can be found at any toy store nowadays. Children have all the pieces in front of them to build a castle, a helicopter, a robot – and must think in a mechanical and creative way in order to create their mini masterpiece. This is great for helping children think outside of the box – a trait that will never leave them once developed at an early age.

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Teachers are also starting to regularly use Legos in their classrooms. Studies have shown that using Legos or other building blocks greatly increase a student’s comprehension while learning fractions. By using these items as tools in the classroom the children are getting both a visual and tactile learning experience.

 Another great benefit for parents to consider is the family time this toy can facilitate. Legos is a fun activity, regardless of age. Parents, grandparents, older siblings, and young children can spend time together as they create a beautiful Lego construction. Just be sure to let the kids have some “Creative Input”.

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7 Books to Help Kick-Off the Summer!
7 Books to Help Kick-Off the Summer!

7 Books to Read to Start the Summer Fun!
By: Thomas Enyart

Weather is warming up and your little one’s school calendar is winding down, which  means Summer is right around the corner! Check out these 7 books to read to help you  and your kids beat the heat and boredom!

Blueberries for Sal

What would summer be without a little bit of mischief? Follow the adventures of Sal, a  little girl with a thirst for adventure and blueberries! This book will bring out the “Sal” in  you and help you find your own summer adventure.    Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey ($11)

I See Summer

The possibilities are endless. Days at the pool, building sand castles at the beach, or  just enjoying a lemonade at the park…let this book lead the way to fun day in the sun!     I See Summer by Charles Ghigna ($6)

Project Kid: 100 Ingenious Crafts for Family Fun

School may be over, but that doesn’t mean the learning has to end. Take simple  household items and turn them into fun science projects for the whole family! Strap on  your tool belt and turn your kid into a “handy­kid” with this book!    Project Kid: 100 Ingenious Crafts for Family Fun by Amanda Kingloff ($18)

The Night Before Summer Camp

As a parent, I have fond memories of summer camp. From singing songs by the  campfire while toasting s’mores into a hot and gooey mess to swimming in ponds, this  book will get your child fired up for camp!    The Night Before Summer Camp by Natasha Wing ($5)

Are We There Yet

There is nothing like hopping in the family car and taking a family vacation. Read about  how one boy changes a boring car ride to an adventure starring himself as the hero!  From fierce battles with pirates to meeting Benjamin Franklin, this book has it all! Let  your imagination run wild.    Are We There Yet? by Dan Santat ($11)

How to Babysit a Grandma

A funny book that teaches kids everywhere how to handle a sleepover at grandma’s  house. You can’t help but giggle at this little girl’s surefire ways to “keep grandma busy”  and your heart will melt you learn “how to say good­bye.”    How to Babysit a Grandma by Jean Reagan ($9)

The Dragon That Ate Summer


Sometimes, your summer plans can get derailed. Just like young Alastair, whose summer took a crazy turn after he broke his collarbone. With visions of sitting at home all summer long, he discovers a tiny dragon snooping around his backyard. And that’s where the hijinks begin! The Dragon That Ate Summer by Brenda Seabrooke ($6)