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How It Works

Step 1. Choose the Kids Prize Pack that is right for you

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We offer 4 Categories to choose from based on Age and Gender. These are Boy and Girls ages 4-8 and 9-12. We do this to ensure that each kids is getting the right books and toys for their grade level.




Step 2. We Find the Best Books, Toys, and Games


At Kids Prize Pack we pride ourselves on offering the Highest Quality items avialble. You will not be getting “cheap junk” in these boxes. We work with the Best Children’s Companies in the world to make sure that you kids will have items that will last.




Step 3. Open and Enjoy!

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This is the part that you have been waiting for. Your child will come home and glance at the porch and see an awesome site. Their Kids Prize Pack has arrived! They will grab the box, run inside, and beg for you to help them open it. The great thing is that you will be just as excited as them! Cut the tape and Enjoy!



Our Pricing and Terms

Check Out our Pricing and Categories and find the Perfect Plan for You!