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KPP Review by The Nerd Stash
KPP Review by The Nerd Stash
Kid’s Prize Pack: April 2016 Unboxing Review
By: Robin Harris – The Nerd Stash

Kid's Prize Pack: April 2016 Unboxing Review

Let’s face it, I have a 7 and 11-year-old and unless they are reading something interesting, they aren’t reading! So, when we got the Kid’s Prize Pack subscription box in the mail, I immediately became curious.  The Kid’s Prize pack offers a new theme each month and finds the best books, toys, games, and activities based on that theme and puts a box together.  So, not only are they guaranteed a new book to read each month, they get some really cool stuff to make that book even more interesting.  Another cool feature of the Kid’s Prize Pack is the fact you can personalize it to your child.  They have four categories to cover girls and boys from ages ranging from 4-8 and 9-12.  So, what was in the box we received?

Let’s take a look…

Kid's Prize Pack

This book, Animorphs: The Invasion  (Animorphs) by K.A. Applegate,  was included in our box.  This is the first book in a series and according to, here is a summary:

The Earth is being invaded, but no one knows about it. When Jake, Rachel, Tobias, Cassie, and Marco stumble upon a downed alien spaceship and its dying pilot, they’re given an incredible power—they can transform into any animal they touch. With it, they become Animorphs, the unlikely champions in a secret war for the planet. And the enemies they’re fighting could be anyone, even the people closest to them.

This actually doesn’t sound like a bad book and it introduces you to a new series.  If you’re curious what books came in the other box, they were:

Girls 4-8:  Missy’s Super Duper Royal Deluxe #2  by Susan Nees

Boys 4-8:  Rise of the Earth Dragons by Tracey West

So far I’m liking this.  So, what did they send to go with our book?

Kid's Prize Pack

This Spider-Man Mopeez plush.  I can see the correlation.  If you read the book summary it’s about kids who can turn into the animal they touch. Plus, what boy is not going to like this little collectible?

Kid's Prize Pack

Keeping the Spider-Man theme going, this really cool pen was included in the box, as well.

Kid's Prize Pack

This Dorbz vinyl collectible is too cute to be the real Killer Croc! But definitely kid friendly.  This collectible comes from the Batman Series One of Dorbz collectibles.  Again, I see the Animorphs connection.

Kid's Prize Pack

The remaining items are simply fun items that any collector might want or appreciate.  For instance, this Pop! Harley Quinn collectible pin was included.

Kid's Prize Pack

From the movie Tomorrowland, this is a figure of young Frank.  I have actually never seen the movie, so I googled young Frank in the movie and found this really cool video.  Makes this figure come to life!

Pretty cool, huh?

Kid's Prize Pack

Since many of the items in this box were from Funko, it’s only right this magnet comes with the box.

The last item in the Kid’s Prize Pack was this double-sided cartoon.  Read it! I’ve found myself having this same conversation with my collectible “hoarding” husband who likes to buy collector’s toys for the kids and not let them play with them.  Are you one of “those” people?

This box was a lot of fun and even educational.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone with kids.  Especially those who think reading can be boring.  If you’d like to sign up, head over to the Kid’s Prize Pack website and get in on the next box!

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Super Reads With Superheroes
Super Reads With Superheroes

Good Afternoon!

I wanted to take a few minutes and Highlight a New Series coming from Scholastic. This is the “Backstories” series (Ages8-12) that currently has 3 books featuring your favorite DC Characters! Brooke Shearouse wrote the article below on April 1st 2016, but we needed to give it a few days to make sure it was not some cruel joke.

Superheroes are a mainstay in pop culture—look no further than the newest blockbuster Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice in theaters now. From movies to TV shows to clothing to jewelry, you can find your favorite crime fighters just about everywhere. Including some great books! Check out the list of great new superhero reads from Scholastic below.Backstories

Backstories series (Ages 8–12): Backstories is a new series of “biographies” featuring exciting and engaging fictional characters. Launching the series are three titles from DC Comics. In the biographies—complete with black-and-white illustrations, timelines, and fact boxes—young readers will delight in learning the complete history of their favorite fictional figures.

  • Batman: Gotham City’s Guardian will answer questions such as: What was Bruce Wayne’s childhood like? Why does he dress up like a bat? What compels him to protect Gotham City? How did he become the world’s greatest detective?
  • Superman: The Man of Tomorrow will give readers insight into: How did a child from another planet named Kal-El become farm boy Clark Kent? What happened to his planet and family? What powers does he possess and what are his weaknesses?
  • Wonder Woman: Amazon Warrior tells readers: Who is Wonder Woman? How did she become a powerful Super Hero? What abilities does she use to fight for what is right?

Batman’s Dark Secret (Ages 5–7) by Kelley Puckett, illustrated by Jon J Muth: Award-winning and New York Times bestselling author/artist Jon J Muth brings to life the mystery of how Bruce Wayne became Batman in collaboration with comic book writer Kelley Puckett. One day, a lonely orphan named Bruce Wayne finds himself in a dangerous situation. He defends himself against a monster bat—and he wins. From that time on, he is determined to fight evil. He becomes…Batman!

Study Hall of Justice (DC Comics: Secret Hero Society #1) (Ages 8–12) by Derek Fridolfs, illustrated by Dustin Nguyen: From the Eisner-nominated team behind Batman Lil’ Gotham, the brand new Secret Hero Society series takes readers to the halls of Ducard Academy in Gotham City, where a young Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman start their very own Junior Detective Agency. Using comics, journal entries, and doodles to reimagine Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman as three students in the same school, these young superheroes will try their best to solve their case. But just because you’re faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, or an Amazonian princess, it doesn’t mean you get to stay up past eleven.

As you may already know, we are Huge Superhero Fans here at Kids Prize Pack and can’t wait to see what other titles this series comes out with. It would be pretty safe to say that you may find these in a future Kids Prize Pack coming your way!